December 11, 2018

The crush of the week is the handwoven cushion that is a nice item for the holiday season to give or to decorate a room. Alice Lambert, artisan in textiles and crafts, explains the product and its maintenance.

The woven cushion is ideal for decorating the living room, the bedroom and even the furniture in the entrance. This product can transcend the generations if you favour products with elegant, refined colours that harmonize through eras and decorations. Composed mainly of noble and durable materials, this product is a fine example of ancient craftsmanship, including weaving and buttonhole by hand.




Before starting the maintenance, it is important to follow the instructions of the artisan since each product has its own care. The woven linen or cotton cushion can follow its steps.

The washing is done with warm water and mild soap for all the fibres, avoiding mixing the colours that could rub off. The fabric should be slightly agitated in its bath, without torsion, excessive friction and should not soak for more than a few minutes. For drying, the textile is wrapped in a towel to get rid of the excess liquid and then dried on a flat surface. It is important to never put the natural weaving in the dryer.

Ironing is only necessary if the fabric is wrinkled and possible on fibres such as linen and cotton that withstand high temperatures and hot ironing while the wool does not support thermal shock or friction. It is ironed at moderate heat with steam on the back of the weave as much as possible. Artisanal weaving are wet finished cleaning the fibre, regulate the structure and pre-shrink natural fibres such as cotton or linen. Items with silk threads should be treated with the utmost care, just like those with fancy yarns (textured, metallic or stretchy yarn).

Manual weaving is a slow process and requires great practice, it is also a technique that is lost. Hand-woven textiles are very valuable and deserve the utmost care.

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