October 10, 2018

A wedding ceremony is undeniably one of the most memorable moments in ones life. Over time we’ve seen conventions and etiquette changes but we’ve also seen a return of traditional values. In order to find your way around, here is our top three wedding trends.

1 - All in pants!

The time when only gentlemen wore the pantsuit is over! One of our signature key pieces is the women’s tuxedo or jumpsuit. We will see a lot of brides choosing the trousers to walk down the aisle. We are definitely getting off the beaten track; this style drifts from the conventional look, but is equally elegant. This statement piece can be approached in a multitude of ways and is particularly interesting when worn with sought-after accessories; silk flowers lapel pin, veils, fur stole, fascinator hats, vests, imposing necklace or earrings are some of the many options available to the bride wishing to opt for pantsuits. With this type of aesthetic in mind, the groom should opt for a checked suit or a beautiful royal blue suit that stands out from the traditional navy and plain suit or tuxedo.



2 – A botanical romance

Bridal sectionFloral romantic themes and inspirations have been popular for some seasons now. Fresh herbs, flowers, wood, glass are so many materials serving as a backdrop to this trend of simplicity and homecoming. Flowing and romantic dresses are put forward with the spirit of a ceremony at the beach, in the garden or in the backyard. The light jacket, the short cape and the veil in light shades are perfect examples to complete the wedding dress. In terms of textile for her, we recommend the lace and silk crepe fluids (we forget the taffeta!) For a more autumnal style, a touch of burgundy organic colour spectrum set to create the desired tone. Simple and lightweight are the key words for a successful romantic wedding look for her and him.

3 – Etiquette first please!       

To circumvent the conventions, we can opt for the etiquette (black or white tie) as a nonconformist choice as it shines more and more of its absence. We like to approach it in a more minimalist spirit. For the woman looking for an elegant and seductive style, long-sleeved dresses with large or open necklines in the back and textile embellishments (lace or guipure) are a delightful choice. To follow the etiquette, we pair the dress with a veil or an elegant shawl; leaving the evening spotlight for the wedding dress to shine. The black or white tie attire makes a big return in menswear. This very sophisticated has a touch of insolence given its rarity. For the bridesmaids, think dresses, heels and fascinators.

Whatever your style may be, celebrate your individuality!

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