Fringed wool collar with embroidered silk grosgrain ribbon and 24k gold fringes.
This fringed wool necklace contains precious and timeless components! A pleated silk ribbon is embroidered with 24k gold beads and applied on top of the structure. Pure gold bouillon fringes complete this intricate piece. Discreet magnet closure at center back and little weights are integrated within the structure to ensure a stable wear. Can be worn as a necklace, directly on the skin or over a garment as a collar. Definetly a statement piece! 
Limited edition
Matérials :
Wool blend (wool, silk, linen, cotton.)
Pure silk ribbon
Gold beads 24k
Gold bouillon fringes 24k
Silk thread
Dimensions :
Necklace lenght : 56 cm - 22 in
Width : 5 cm - 2 in
Weight: 1.7 oz.
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