Black silk flowers with Swarovski cristals.
This delicate and intricate brooch comes in the shape of a small magnolia flower. Made by hand, each petal shaped and mounted on a custom made silver thread covered branch, each end of the branch is decorated with a solid silver sequin and Swarovsky diamond cut crystal. Under the branch, a discreet, light yet very powerful magnet is hidden. This system is hurt free for fabrics; the brooch comes with a beautiful and delicate internal magnet attached to a sturdy silver chain and little puller that makes it very easy to remove. Can be worn on garments, as a boutonnière, on hats, veils or any other accessories or garments!
Limited edition
Colors: black flower, black cristals
Pure silk
Swarovski crystals
Silver thread
Silver blade
Silver sequins
Pure silver
Semi precious stone
Dimensions :
Lenght:  17.75 cm – 7 po
Width :  6.35 cm – 2.5 po
Height:  4.45 cm – 1.75 po
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