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This workshop allows those who are interested in creating a personal project using weaving, machine knitting, or other techniques to use the equipment in our studio.

Knitting Equipment:
Singer 560 double-bed, standard and intarsia carriages, color changer
Singer 155 bulky double-bed, standard and intarsia carriages
Hague small-sized linker
DK8 software
Hand bobbin winder for large spools

Weaving Equipment :
Leclerc 4-harness counterbalance loom, 45 inches width (sectional warp beam)
Ashford 8-harness table loom, 31 ½ inches wide, double cloth beam
Structo 4-harness table loom, 8 inches wide
Electric double-ended bobbin winder, various shuttles

General Equipment :

Domestic sewing machine, domestic 3 to 5 thread serger/overlock sewing machine, industrial straight stitch sewing machine, iron and pressing table.

Cost /duration:

  • 3 hours : 35$
  • 5 hours : 55$
  • 12 hours : 125$

Prerequisite : introductory course or equivalent experience in the field relevant to the chosen equipment.

Registration: Here

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