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Next class:

  • December 1st,8th and 15th from 9:30am to 3:30pm

This course is aimed at anyone who already has basic knowledge of weaving and can dress a loom. Instructions are given on Structo 4-harness table looms. Participants will be encouraged to experiment with Rosepath threading which allows for the creation of a variety of different patterns and to weave different designs using 2-color contrasts followed by 3 color boundweave techniques. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to weaving with multiple shuttles and creating original designs.

Materials included : calculation worksheets, cotton yarn, thick weft yarns (cotton, wool and fabric strips), equipment necessary for dressing the loom and weaving.

Content :

  • 1st class : choosing yarn, making calculations, dressing the loom, and beginning to weave
  • 2nd class : experimenting with weft yarns and woven patterns
  • 3rd class : review of techniques for weaving and finishing a chosen small project

Duration : 15 hours (3 x 5 hours)

Cost : 375 $

Prerequisite : introductory weaving course or equivalent

Registration: creationzt@gmail.com

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