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This private workshop is aimed at textile enthusiasts and at individuals evolving in the fields of fashion and/or sewing. It offers the possibility of creating a one-of-a-kind textile object, whether it be a garment or a decorative accessory, through a personal process covering each step from the spool of yarn to the final work. The workshop begins with an initial consultation in order to lay the groundwork for the participant’s personal project. During this session, we examine the pattern, refine the design if needed, run through the details, select the materials, and determine technical constraints. Then come the dressing of the loom, testing and prototyping, and making of the final work.

Materials included : calculation worksheets, equipment necessary for dressing the loom and weaving.

Equipment :

Leclerc 4-harness counterbalance loom, 45 inches wide (sectional warp beam)

Ashford 8-harness table loom, 31 ½ inches wide, double cloth beam Structo 4-harness table loom, 8 inches wide

Cost /duration:
Small project : 10 hours : 250$
Medium project : 20 hours : 450$
Large projet : 30 hours : 600$
Additional hours : 5 hours : 100$

Prerequisite : introductory weaving course or equivalent, and basic sewing and/or patterning experience if the object is complex.

Registration: Zone Tangible (creationzt@gmail.com)

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